Keenedge Precision Tools


Keenedge Precision Tools was originally founded in 1976 as a specialist tool sharpening business. A change in the industry has seen a relative decline in tool sharpening hence the reason why Keenedge Precision Tools is now a prominent tool manufacturer.

Although the tool sharpening has a reduced requirement, there is still a necessity in the market for quality sharpening services.

With the advent of newer, faster and more technologically advanced machines tolerances are tighter than ever. In order to achieve such tolerances Keenedge Precision Tools uses a seven-axis CNC grinder (photo above).

All Keenedge cutting tools offer fast machining, long tool life, excellent chip control and outstanding surface finish. Should a tool require re-coating this can also be done in both Tin and TiAlN.

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Balzers International – a world-renowned specialist in this field, carries out the coating of tools. The TiAlN is the best coating on the market and is a single layer coating designed specifically for use on carbide endmills for the machining of hardened steelwork pieces. Excellent oxidation resistances allow high speed and semi-dry or dry machining operations.