Keenedge Precision Tools

High Speed Steel - 

Keenedge Precision Tools have established working relationships with various suppliers of HSS products.  We only deal with companies that have very high reputations throughout Europe. Since the relationship has been formed the IZAR range has had great success within the New Zealand market and we envisage steady growth of this product over the coming years.

Since 1910 IZAR has been specialising in the production of precision cutting tools, such as drills, endmills, counter bores, reamers, taps and threading dies.

IZAR uses a range of steel primarily HSS, HSSE & HSSE-8%Co in order to improve the results in cutting and drilling. Advanced geometry assures the best finishing and performance in all materials designed.

The use of modern coatings allows an increase in the cutting speed up to 40% with Tin and up to 75% with TiAlN.

Keenedge Precision Tools is able to supply the HSS range at a very competitive price.

If you have a specific query please contact our office or sales representative for advise, price, and availability.