Keenedge Precision Tools

Form Tools

Keenedge Precision Tools was originally founded in 1976 as a specialist tool sharpening business. A change in the industry has seen a relative decline in tool sharpening hence the reason why Keenedge Precision Tools is now a prominent tool manufacturer.

Form tool manufacture is a specialist sector of work requiring a combined application of knowledge, experience and technology.

Keenedge Precision Tools manufacture form tools using 7-axis CNC grinding technology (right photo). Certain specialist tools require a combination of machines for creating the bodies. The carbide is then added to the body before being ground to shape. All Keenedge cutting tools offer fast machining, long tool life, excellent chip control and outstanding surface finish.

Form tools from Keenedge Precision Tools are 100% New Zealand made offering you the added advantage of dealing directly with the manufacturer. Our dedicated team of professionals is able to provide a solution for almost any situation.

Keenedge Precision Tools manufacture form tools for a variety of industries including automotive, tap ware, hydraulic valves etc. All of our step tools are designed using the 3D-simulation package and when the tool is ready for production the program is loaded into the TG7 for completion. Generally the bodies are manufactured from HSS but solid carbide is recommended for better rigidity and longer tool life.