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Part Number - 5011 080 06 special custom Carbide Cutter

20x only Single Flute 8.0 cut x 30.00mm cut length x 8.00mm shank x 64mm OAL these are very suitable as general purpose milling cutters on Aluminium or Plastics      Normally $72.43 each This months SPECIAL LESS 30%     ($50.70ea) while stocks last

Part Number 5011 080 08 Tungsten Carbide Cutter

20 x only single flute 3mm cut dia x 8mm cut length x 8.0 Shank x 90mm OAL - these are also suitable for either Aluminium or plastics applications. Normally $99.84 each out they go also Less 30%     ($69.88ea) while stocks last

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