Keenedge Precision Tools



ER Series Collets



ER3203 2-3MM NZD$36.56
ER3204 3-4MM NZD$36.56
ER3205 4-5MM NZD$36.56
ER3206 5-6MM NZD$36.56
ER3207 6-7MM (1/4") NZD$36.56
ER3208 7-8MM (5/6") NZD$36.56
ER3210 9-10MM (3/8") NZD$36.56
ER3212 11-12MM NZD$36.56
ER3213 12-13MM (1/2") NZD$36.56
ER3214 13-14MM NZD$36.56
ER3216 15-16MM (5/8") NZD$36.56
ER3218 17-18MM NZD$36.56
ER3219 18-19MM (3/4") NZD$36.56
ER3220 19-20MM NZD$36.56

Prices correct at June 2014 (may be subject to change without notice)